Bye freezing toes and hello "Emu Australia Boots"

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Emu Australia

 It‘s getting cold outside!

Usually we are walking with cold toes, cold hands and a running nose around the city. We are wrapped up in big cozy coats, looking like little teddies who are doing their annual winter walk.
Especially, when it's christmas time and we are inspired to buy little presents for our love ones, while fighting agains the cold breeze.

This has an end now !!! 
The solution : These Shoes

With my fluffy EMU AUSTRALIA Boots I'm able to walk for hours and not to freeze. Even when it's  snowing or raining, those shoes are water resistent ! They are comfy, warm, fluffy and also stylish.
One thing that I love about them is that I can walk to so many places in the world even when the weather is cold and even when it's winter.

So my honeybees, if you have a friend that is winter shy like me then these shoes should definitely be the next christmas present. :)


Thank you to Emu Australia for sponsoring this post.

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