Crowne Plaza Hotel Berlin City Centre

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I‘m so thankful that I had the oppurtunity to work with Crown Plaza Berlin City Centre during the Fashion Week in Berlin.

Our favorite time of the day was the Breakfast, because we had finally some time to relax and talk about everything that we had experienced. Especially with such a gigantic Breakfast! 
The Spa Area was incredible: It had a Pool, Sauna, Massage and a Fitness area.

Can you imagine that we got a little Vip gift? 
It was a plate with some delicious desserts.

They treated us so good and at the end we felt like famous persons.

In the following you can only see some pictures of the Spa area, because we had a little problem with our memory card and all the beautiful pictures of the room got lost... :-( 

But you can check on their Website for some more pictures:

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