25 Hours Hotel Vienna

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If you guys have been following my social media these last couple of days, then you might know that I spend some wonderful days in Vienna with my friends from Columbia and from south Korea.
We went for some cool sightseeing trips and we were so fascinated about the old architecture. The other half of our trip we were hanging out in our amazing Hotel:  +25hours Hotel MuseumsQuartier .

Everybody was so kind to us and I was so in love with the whole Hotel - concept. Our favorite thing was the delicious food! ! ! I never ate such a good Hotel food. Especially the dinner was my favorite part.
I've had the opportunity to stay in a big room with a great view over the MuseumsQuartier. Every night I was literally falling down into my bed and because of the whole design I could imagine my own being in a dreamland like in the movie Alice In Wonderland.

Furthermore the Hotel had a great view from the Rooftop, a nice Sauna and a Photobox. 

We really spend one of our best times in Vienna. Can't wait to take you guys with me to my next trip. Can you guess where I'm going. ?


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