Made in Portugal & Brasil

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As a brasilian girl it's impossible to not like the delicious brasilian cuisine.
The first thing what I eat in Brasil is Pao de Queijo with Guarana Zero. Whithout that I can't start with my vacation in this beautiful country.

Not having this in Munich, where I live the whole year, is pretty hard. The only thing that brings me back to Brasil and lets me feel like being at home, is a little store called #MadeinPortugal&Brasil.

They have everything what you can imagine.

A month ago, they invited me for a big lunch. Everything tasted so good and the best thing for me was their ambient. People around me were happy, smiling all the time and talking Portuguese.
 For a little Moment I felt being somewhere else, no matter if it was Brasil or Portugal.

I was really blessed, Thank you for having me! @MadeinPortugal&Brasil

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