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I can't believe it is already November...and almost the end of the year.

Some months ago I went to New York and had on of the best experiences in my life !
New York is such a beautiful, incredible and unbelievable city. There every dream of a little girl can be reality. But only, when you really are a strong character, that fights for everything you want.

I watched since the beginning of Gossip Girl every single Episode of it and since that time I wanted to visit New York and walk through the streets like Blair and Serena. 

I’m still pinching myself looking back at everything that has happened…  - said +Kristina Bazan  in one of her posts and I agree with her, because it counts for me, too. 

I will never understand how life changes so fast, inspires you for new things and shows you a lot of new ways. 
But I will always be thankful for everything in my life!

XoXo #GossipGirl


Skirt: Forever 21

Shoes: Tory Burch

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  1. Tolle Bilder liebe Noah <3
    Ich will auch unbedingt bald wieder nach New York zurück, der eine Tag dort letztes Jahr war einfach viel zu wenig :-)

    Dein Outfit ist sehr sehr hübsch außerdem!!

    Küsschen :-) xx

    1. Danke Maus <3

      Du hast vollkommen Recht!!! New York ist der Hamma, einfach unglaublich ... wir müssen mal zusammen irgendwo hin ;)

      Küsschen zurück :*

  2. Lovely outfit, you look amazing and the pictures are amazing, I'm dying to go to New York!

    Dana ||

    1. Awww Thank you darling :)

      You should really go, it´s amazing :*