Up In The Air with FLYNYON

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Hi sugar pies! We’ve been traveling so much and having incredible experiences. 
I personally loved being the last few days at the New York fashion week adventure.
We did a lot of sightseeing, which I will show you slowly on my Blog.

Today I want present you my amazing, stunning Helicopter Flight with FlyNyon.
I actually should only fly 20 minutes, but there was a guy, who booked the 30 minutes flight and he was the only one with this package at that time.
Fortunately we took a 30 minutes flight.

I have to say that for me it was not so scary how it look likes. You guys know that i want to become a passenger flight pilot and therefore I really enjoyed every minute.
They were so nice showing us every part of New York and thank god the weather was totally clear.
The breathtaking view let us take beautiful shots and it let us feel free from all the problems downstairs.

I will never forget it !!! 

--  FlyNyon  --

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