Dinner at the VIB

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I like to find comfort and serenity in small things that remind me of home. And you guys know, home for me is Brazil and I have a sick, absolutely cray-cray obsession with brazilian food.

The VIB restaurant give me 100 % this feeling. It makes you feel spoiled rotten in the most delicious way possible. I am able to stomach so much food! Especially so much meat ! Mixing up the best cocktails ever: The most famous "Caipirinhas".  You can get so many flavors of them, starting from the original lime and ending up with strawberry Caipi.

But after all this delicious food: 

Starting with your big salad at the buffet, where you can also eat the traditional "Feijoada", which is Beans and meat stew. Than going through all the different meat parts of the cow. The whole thing is called "Rodizio". The typical brazilian barbecue. My favorite meat : "Picanha"

And at the end, not to forget, the dessert which is a food cart with the most famous sweet things of brazilian´s kitchen.
I choose the tiniest, prettiest, softest and simply most adorable dessert in this whole entire world. I won’t forget the day I tried their sweets for the very first time. My mind switched off completely, mentality down to 10 years old. Just please, somebody, give me more of these sweet treats! 

The reason why I personally love this place (addiction would be the word!) is because not only is it so good looking and obviously visually seducing, it is also a place where you can find new brazilian friends and establish contacts. But my favorite thing and my most important thing is that you can feel as if you where in brazil. They also have rooms decorated and called "Rio de Janeiro", "Sao Paolo" and "Bahia".

I personally am obsessed with this place!  

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  1. Very nice pictures. The Food looks very good :)