9inthemorning + Humphrey´s X Hombre + Fred de la Bretonière x Noahamywhite

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Hey there ! As I mentioned, I am back in Munich after the most awesome time in Berlin with my graduation class. 

The images I am sharing with you today have been shot in Munich a few days ago as we were still crashing at the Tollwood in Munich. A great place with a wonderful scenery and always really cool people hanging around. I remember it being so sunny and beautiful that day, which meant perfect occasion to be perfectly casual with a little spice of color and fun. I´m always in love with 60´s,70´s and 80´s wardrobe and I love to feel like a hippie. The wonderful Nineinthemorning skirt, this is one of the pieces from their stunning collection, and I love how timeless, classic, so stylish and fashionable it looks, matching a baby blue zara crop top changes the outfit into a classy look. For the perfect summer vibe the Humphrey´s X Hombre unisex sunglass is a stylish accessory. A sunglass that´s more like your cool street style companion.  It´s individual and unique! Wearing the Espadrilles from a sweet label named Fred de la Bretonière makes the city to your catwalk.

 Wish you guys an amazing beginning of the weekend! 
I promise to post more now. Thanks for coping with me! Sending you all my kisses!

Skirt:  Nineinthemorning 
Croptop + Bag:  Zara
Sunglass:  Humphreys-eyewear
Espadrilles:  Freddelabretoniere

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