Palais Royal: A Magical Place in Paris

By 6:27 AM ,

I could visit Paris a thousand times and always find something new that inspires me. But I really have to say walking around Palais Royal which is near to the Louvre was one of my magical and breathtaking moments. Apart from the crowds of people, what everybody notice in Paris, the Palais Royal is very empty and perfect for a little shooting. Every little part of this incredible location, can change a picture to something " Never seen before and the desire to explore it ". 
The black and white stripes on the columns were fitting perfectly to my outfit.

 It was fascinating to discover the entire City at that day. So modern, but at the same time old, sophisticated and chic. 

It’s all about this idea of loving yourself, fighting for your dreams, being ambitions, daring and bold. There’s no time to wait, it’s your turn to take a step forward and act. -Kristina Bazan

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