Munich Getaway

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HOTEL  BAYRISCHER HOF  - BLUE SPA - ROOF TOP                                   


I´m living since my kindergarten time in Munich. Going to school, trying to adapt at this different society and not missing my hometown in brazil, it´s very hard. But since I started with my Blogger addiction, I´m getting to know the city better, the people, the environment and slowly, I started feeling like I belonged there. It began feeling like a home after 18 years. 

So for a while, I have been feeling like real gypsy at heart. 
Two weeks ago, I went to the Bayrischer Hotel - Blue spa, because a friend of mine had gave me "One day taken away from the daily stress" as a present. I have to say that I really loved it.
So in remembrance of the hot weather of Munich, I am happy to share with you these images we shot at the Blue Spa right after a delicious breakfast we enjoyed with some yummy fruits and a refreshing cocktail. We were sitting right by the pool and I couldn’t stop starring at this breathtaking view. 
The fresh air of the mountains, the wet hair… Feeling overwhelming freedom with every single, unique breath.

I had a perfect day ... what about you guys? 

Their rooftop bar was a pure dream with the view on the whole city and the craziest sunset ever…
Also their big beautiful Pool and saunas. Everything was like a little trip to the Caribbean Islands. 

Can you Imagine that a city like Munich can offer something like that ?

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