Keeping it Crazy in Munich : My Collaboration with COCii JEWELLERY

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A lot of people ask me, so what do you want to do in a couple of years? Where do you see yourself in ten years, twenty years?
Well, my dream is to be a pilot, but what is when something changes your life?
Working with some Labels, doing picture and writing about what is happening in my life, is something that I really love. I would never let this opportunity and addiction taken away from me. People that don't know other cultures and countries will never have the intention to travel around and get in touch with this different emotions. 
I know that I want to travel and see crazy things as much as I can... and I want to experience crazy, lovely  and happy feelings as much as I can.

I worked with COCCii Jewellery the last week and it was so sweet and nice to get to know them. I could be myself and combine my character with their classy jewellery. 

Cocii is a young German designer, Claudia Lassner, whose delicate, restrained jewellery is inspired by a broad variety of cultural and aesthetic influences: from the everyday to science fiction to the glamour of the 1920s.

They really had stunning pieces and they are all self-made in their store. The store is a little, sweet store in the heart of Munich. Going there for a little shopping for jewellery is perfect. I loved their ambient and every little piece is glamouricious on you.
Because of this I tried to combine COCCii with some crazy actings, because I wanted to feel free: dancing like the world is ending. 

So guys, you all should know for sure that you will be able to find happiness in the smallest things. 
Like I do with the things I love.

Where to buy ? :


Cocii Jewellery
Claudia Lassner
Schraudolphstrasse 10
80799 M√ľnchen

 Tuesday to Friday 12 - 6 pm
Saturday 12- 4 pm


Bean Store, Munich
Sprout Store Munich

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