Foodies of Tehran

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Have you ever tried Iranian food ? 

If not, than you have to ... I really love to explore new countries and get in touch with their culture, especially with their food. But I never have expected, that Tehran has so many different places where you could go out for eat, it was amazing.
Iranian or Persian cuisine is the traditional and modern style of cooking in Iran. Rice is one of the main part in Persian kitchen, there are a lot of varieties of rice. My favorite rice menue was loobia polo (white safran rice served with the addition of meat) and Tah-chin (a savory saffron rice-cake with a filling, commonly marinated chicken fillets).
Second only to rice is the production and use of wheat. There are said to be more than forty types of wheat breads from very dark to very light. Bread is called nān (نان) in Persian. 
The best thing for me was the street food. You know I´m addicted to delicious sweets. My favorite guilty little pleasure next to macarons are super creamy donuts and ice cream. - They are so good ! 
But all Persian food is addictive, from luxury, international restaurants to their own kitchen... Don´t tell me I have not warned you, it´s unbelievable. 

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